Monday, September 3, 2007

google adword

http://www.earndire tutorial_ adwords.htm
Google AdWords Account Setup Instructions
Step 1 – Accessing Account Setup
The first thing to do is go to and select the “Click to Begin” button.

Step 2 – Customer Targeting

On the next page, you will then select language targeting and/or location targeting. For DentalPlans. com, our plans are available nationwide, therefore, you can focus on the United States as a whole by selecting “Countries and Territories.”

Step 3 – Customer Targeting by Country
Make sure the United States is added to the right and click “Continue.”

Step 4 – Creating an Ad
On this next page you will be creating your first ad.

Step 5 – Choosing Keywords
Keyword selection is the next page that you will come to. This page is where our Keyword Portal will benefit you the most. After downloading our Keyword List, you can then pick and choose which keywords you would like to use in your Adwords account and just copy and paste them into this window.

Step 6 – Budget Setup & Max CPC
Depending on how much you are willing to spend, this portion will vary from affiliate to affiliate. However, we suggest that you start off small until you get a feel for how much certain keywords should cost you and how many clicks they will be receiving.

Step 7 – Review
Make sure you review all of your choices by looking to see if everything is correct and click “Continue.”

Step 8 – Logging In
The last step is to login to AdWords. Create a new Google account if you do not already have one or login to your existing account. Your account will be activated once you log in successfully, verify your account and submit your billing information.


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